FABAS conducts assessments to determine the extent of the child’s behavioral and academic deficits and provides consultation to parents regarding the options to help their child.



FABAS also provides direct tutoring to help the child conquer the lack of attention or overcome the academic deficit. FABAS uses proven, effective techniques to help children learn the tasks that are difficult for them or to help them gain the focus necessary to successfully complete the tasks. Behavioral interventions have proven very effective in dealing with attention deficits, and the results are better maintained - with fewer side effects - than with medication.



Academic tasks (such as reading and division) are complex and require the coordination of multiple skills. Some children either have difficulties with some components of these tasks or they have trouble maintaining focus long enough to finish the task. Unfortunately, poor teaching practices can cause or exacerbate the problem. Many times, when children can’t read or do mathematics, it is because they have been improperly taught. Current research on effective teaching has developed strategies that facilitate learning, even for children that may have great difficulty with the subject or have a documented disability.



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