FABAS provides a variety of services to develop, guide and instruct families and schools on how to implement positive behavioral interventions that can be permanently maintained to support appropriate behaviors in the home and school settings.




Behavior Assessments (inventory) - FABAS conducts behavioral assessments to determine the current level of performance of a child in all areas of functioning in the home and school settings.


Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA) -  FABAS also conducts functional assessments to determine the function (purpose) of the challenging behaviors that the child is exhibiting.


Interventions - FABAS assists parents and teachers in designing behavioral interventions to establish appropriate behaviors and reduce the inappropriate behaviors that are interfering with the child’s development.  Therapeutic interventions are designed to blend functionally into the daily routine at home or school and can be permanently maintained to continue to promote and support responsible, productive and respectful behaviors.



FABAS provides practical live demonstrations of how to implement the teaching procedures with the children during natural everyday situations at school and at home. There is no better way to present effective teaching strategies than to show how it is done in vivo, with the target child, in the natural setting. 



FABAS offers immediate guidance and feedback to parents and teachers while they are engaged in the natural course of events.  This service may also be provided away from the natural course of events by using video playback of the interaction.




FABAS can provide services that directly teach the child and at the same time provide a model for the parents.  Although parent intervention is key, it is difficult for them to maintain high engagement all day long.  Habilitation service may be needed to increase the intensity of the intervention.




FABAS acknowledges the strain parents of behaviorally challenging child go through and understands the importance of taking some time for themselves. Respite services provide parents the ability to take some much needed personal time and leave their child with someone they and the child know well. 

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