Inclusion in regular settings - Children with disabilities may present a variety of challenges in the regular classroom and other school environments. FABAS assists schools in designing programs to facilitate the successful inclusion of students with different needs.   The inclusion design will target the curriculum adjustments required for academic growth as well as contingencies to establish and maintain appropriate behavior in the regular school environment.


Support services – Students with special needs often receive services from professionals such a speech and occupational therapists. These services are normally provided by pulling the child out of the classroom and into a therapy room. Taking the child out of the regular classroom to provide these services may produce negative side effects. With few exceptions, providing the support services in the regular classroom under a consultation model is preferred. The consultation model allows therapists to use their expert knowledge to assess the needs of the student in the regular setting and empower the teacher (and aide) with the recommendations how to best help the students overcome the deficits exhibited during everyday situations. Providing support services in this manner has many advantages. Two of these advantages are that the intervention is provided at the precise moment in which the behavior occurs and that the intervention is implemented throughout the school day. The school therapists should also extend recommendations to parents so that they may use every moment of their daily life to help their child grow.



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