FABAS provides practical hands-on (role play) teaching to small groups of parents and teachers. By attending these workshops parents and teachers gain the skill and confidence to implement behavioral interventions.   We recommend that workshops have at least 2 follow-up sessions (a month apart) so that the participants may implement the recommendations and come back to obtain clarification and feedback. (look at conferences section for the list of topics)


FABAS offers presentations and workshops on a variety of topics:


Postive Parenting: How can I raise responsable children?

Parents as the best therapists: How can I help my child reach his/her full potential?

Intensive Home-Based Interventions: How much can parents impact their child's development?

Inclusion in School, Home and Community

Functional Assessment: Why is the child behaving this way?

Lifestyle Interventions: Designing healthy home and school environments.

Effective Teaching: What are the best evidence based strategies?

Establishing Work Ethic: How to have a child independently do his work?


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teaching children with autism.

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