FABAS provides Positive Parenting strategies that establish appropriate behavior in children without having to resort to yelling, threatening or punishing.  Parents can acquire much more powerful skills to teach their children in a positive and calm manner. Using effective strategies teaches children to behave appropriately at all times and not just when they are under the threat of an authority figure. FABAS offers training for parents that wish to be empowered with the skills to teach their children how to become responsible and productive contributors, as well as happy, well-respected individuals.




Raising a child is a difficult task that requires a great deal of knowledge and skill. It is easier and healthier to promote appropriate behavior than to correct inappropriate behavior. FABAS proposes teaching parents how to establish appropriate behavior and thus prevent inappropriate behavior. Unfortunately, we live in a society that promotes responding to crisis and parents only seek help when the problem is severe (look at behavior challenges).  Simple inappropriate behavior (refusing to take a bath or taking a toy from a sibling) that is not properly managed can have very negative consequences in the future. We tend to assume that a selfish, disrespectful and unproductive adult is a genetic or character trait because we have not been instructed on the dynamics of how inappropriate behavior is shaped over time.


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